A walk to remember

September 27, 2023

On Sunday 10 September, our very special community came together to participate in A Walk to Remember.


This event was centred around community, connection, legacy and paying tribute to the beautiful children and young people who live on in our memories.


We are so grateful to all who attended and contributed to this special event in Malvern and Castlemaine. One mum, Jodie, shared a beautiful reflection of this special day.


While we talk about and remember Mylah, every single day, it’s always nice to be asked about her, and speak freely about her, with people who just truly understand, and don’t get uncomfortable with the uncomfortable topic/s, specifically baby and child loss.

That’s why we are always so incredibly grateful for the organisations who take the time to acknowledge our loss and give us the opportunity to include and remember Mylah in celebrations.

Today we attended Very Special Kids event, A Walk To Remember, held at the Buda Historic Home & Garden in Castlemaine. A wonderful opportunity to join fellow bereaved families in remembering and honouring our children who have sadly died too soon.

Constantly aware of creating meaningful memories and connections with our babies (children), today we got to create a beautiful craft piece, complete with a crochet item generously donated.

Flynn and Addi (Mylah’s siblings) had a wonderful time creating such a beautiful memory, which now proudly hangs on our special Mylah’s memory shelf.