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Your legacy lasts beyond your lifetime.

Since 1985, Sister Margaret Noone has made it her mission to support and guide children with life-limiting conditions and their families through the difficult journey of childhood illness, death and bereavement.

Like Sister Margaret, your legacy will improve the quality of life for children, no matter how long or short their lives may be, and create memories for their families to cherish after their final goodbyes.

Very Special Guardians

By leaving a gift to Very Special Kids, you will join an important group of people called our Very Special Guardians. You can continue Sister Margaret’s mission and support seriously ill children and their families for generations to come.

Leave a gift in your Will

We understand leaving a gift in your Will can seem overwhelming. We’ve created five simple steps to make it easier.

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Suggested wording

To help make it as simple as possible, we’ve provided some suggested wording for your Will. You can share this with a solicitor, or one of our online Will partners.

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Hear from a Very Special Guardian

Find out why Jenny decided to leave a gift in her Will and be a Very Special Guardian.

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Download our Very Special Guardians brochure.

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What is a bequest/gift in Will?

A bequest or a gift in Will is a future donation to a charity or organisation that is close to your heart. This could be a percentage of your estate, a fixed sum of money, property, or shares.

How do I leave a gift to Very Special Kids? 

There are five easy steps to leaving a gift in your Will, click here to learn more.
For full information on how to leave a gift, download our brochure here or contact our gift in Wills coordinator on 1800 888 875 or at

Can I specify where my gift will go?

Yes you can, however a gift left for general purpose is most valuable as we can direct your funds towards the area that needs it most at the time. We know that some people may have a strong connection to a particular service. If you have a specific request, please contact our gift in Wills coordinator on 1800 888 875 or at to discuss.

Do I need a lawyer?

We recommend that you work with a solicitor or public trustee to write your Will. Alternatively, you can use an online service, such as Gathered Here or Safewill.

What wording should I use?

We’ve put together some wording for you here. You can also download our information pack here.

Do I need to notify you if I have left you a gift in my Will? 

We would love to know if you have included us in your Will! While you’re under no obligation to let us know of your intentions, it gives us the opportunity to thank you for your incredible generosity and allows us to share our long-term plans with you. Please know that any information that you do decide to share is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

What if I already have a Will?

If you already have a Will, you can still include a gift to Very Special Kids by creating a codicil. This is an extra clause which is added to your existing Will. You can find suggested wording here and you will need to have your codicil witnessed by two people when you sign and date it. If your change is complex, you may need to create a new Will.

How do I know my information is safe? 

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. You can view our privacy policy here.