‘All about me’ sibling day

April 26, 2024

During the April school holidays, Very Special Kids ran two engaging sibling days for 30 primary aged siblings in Malvern and Epping.

The theme for the day was ‘All about me’ and sought to create an opportunity for siblings to reflect on themselves, what makes them special and what they enjoy. They had the opportunity to get behind the camera, take photos, and create their very own self-portrait.

Days like these offer siblings who have a brother or sister who is sick, or has died, an opportunity to connect with other kids who understand what they are going through.

Siblings who attended the day shared:

“It was one of the best days of my life, it always makes me happy”


“It was incredible and we did a lot of art and you get to eat a snack whenever you want”


We also received some feedback from parents about what days like this mean to them and their children. They shared: 

“We found a number of sibling activities provided by different organisations but mostly they were offered online which makes [it] hard for young people to get connected. Very Special Kids experience was so valuable for my daughter to understand and make connections with other kids who are in the similar situation. Also, she loved that the whole time was about her.” 


“My kids said they had a great time! Every school holidays they ask if there’s another ” 


“My daughter loved having so many adults giving her undivided attention as at home we are often doing multiple things at once with out Very Special Kids’ daughter. She loved making friends and having choice of activities.” 


Full of fun and meaningful activities, our sibling support program can help children and young people make rewarding and lasting memories in a safe and welcoming environment. The activities are diverse and aim to promote choice, from talking in small groups to jumping on a flying fox and everything in-between.