The power of the Youth Advisory Group

March 28, 2024

Written by Jude, very special sibling and Youth Advisory Group member

The Youth Advisory Group has been a place of constant mutual learning and evolution.

In the time that I’ve been part of this driven group of individuals, I’ve seen the simple power of listening make visible changes to Very Special Kids as a whole. A dedicated stall at family days for the Youth Advisory Group to run activities out of and the impact that our voices have on the running of adolescent centred programs are two prime examples of this change.

In our meetings, there is a genuine sense that conversations have a meaningful direction which I believe is largely thanks to our wonderful leaders, Damienne and Jess, who guide discussions with education, empathy, and adaptability. They aid in keeping our meetings both fun and focused on the relevant topics to the current version of the organisation!


Flexibility and accessibility have been championed in the group with leaders who are skilful in bringing out the uniquely best versions of its members as well as members who always show up with a wildly positive attitude, ready to make change! It feels like feedback is not just asked for but taken seriously which speaks to the deep listening found in this place.


These wonderful people who I now have the honour of calling friends have injected such meaning and connection into my life. The honesty found in the telling of their stories and their openness to listen, learn and love evidence that fact.


Every single one of the individuals who make up the Youth Advisory Group have impacted my life deeply which is a gift I will always be grateful for and I am so excited to continue working with everyone as well as meet any new members who join this year! I am equally excited to see our group involved in events and spaces continuing to create an even more inclusive place for very special youth!

My verdict, Very Special Kid’s Youth Advisory Group is pretty cool!


The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is an initiative that provides very special siblings between the ages of 14 to 25 a platform to be heard. The group is made up of enthusiastic, motivated, and inspiring young adult and adolescent siblings eager to express their thoughts and ideas in bold, creative ways.