Notes of appreciation for our volunteers

May 22, 2024

Last week, our staff stepped into the shoes of our volunteers to offer them a night of appreciation!

We were honoured to also have some very special siblings, who are members of our Youth Advisory Group, join to share their first-hand experience and connection to the Very Special Kids volunteers.

Speaking to the crowd, 16-year-old sibling Callum shared:

“Whether your role be big or smaller in this charity, you really are making a huge difference to very impressionable lives. Just how much you do for them really matters. It’s just amazing the time and effort you put in.

“Every day you make a child’s day is a day well spent. You’re the glue that holds this place together.”


Speaking to her own personal experience, 20-year-old sibling Kristen added:

“The volunteers at Very Special Kids always had the time to listen to me and make me feel like I was valued and cared about… You may think sometimes people are so young that they’re not going to remember you. But we do remember you and the impact you’ve had on us.”

During the night, we also got to acknowledge and celebrate the collective achievements of our volunteers through milestone awards and many colourful and interactive stations.


We had a post-it-note wall where volunteers could share core memories and experiences that have moved them in their time supporting Very Special Kids.


We also received some lovely messages from staff and families, showcasing their appreciation and admiration for our dedicated volunteers.


Lastly, the photobooth station offered volunteers a chance to take home their own polaroid photo to remember the night.

We are so grateful for everything our volunteers do to keep Very Special Kids in operation.

Thanks to the support of our volunteers we can ensure seriously ill kids and their families, have support when they need us most.